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Now that everyone has the necessary social phone electronic products , all kinds of mobile phones after another,Gucci Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Case all kinds of mobile phone accessories industry has been developing rapidly, and now consumer groups is younger and he likes all kinds of non-mainstream beauty celebrity pictures, so he With the mobile phone shell beauties appear. How will the product on your phone color patterns printed onto the shell , so the higher the value of mobile phone shell , so your bag is more expansive , I believe you also think , is to choose a good press, as is my little small product introduction , and perhaps help you , oh ! We should all know the traditional screen printing , transfer printing , etc. These mechanical equipment and technology can produce patterns on the cell phone case, but it is not suitable for relatively color pattern , so I will not recommend you to use those traditional manufacturers equipment manufacturing mobile phone casing . ( A ) the use of a new generation of universal printer (XB-A2-A1-A0) production, why choose this equipment? Because of the low cost universal printer , high production efficiency ,Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Casemachine operation approachable . (B ) the use of a new generation of universal printer just two steps to complete the entire product color printing molding. Universal printer does not need a film , no plate-making , computer link , once printed molding. Material (c ) the use of a new generation of universal printer making phone casing process , first make a material surface treatment ( we call coating ) , and then just put the processed flat glass plate placed in direct universal printer printing ; printing is completed ie OK.
Crystal Case Michael Kors iPhone 4 4S Case , flannel sets , metal shell , metal frame, water sets , " " variety of materials protective shell , protective cover filled with IT
Digital accessories market . For his iPhone4, millet mobile phone, tablet , etc. There are a variety of digital equipment , how to choose what kind of material in order to play better protective effect ? For many ordinary consumers, really confused. So here I might follow from the understanding of the various protective shell / cover material and the type of starting , maybe you'll soon be able to find your favorite , but the protective effect of the most effective product !
With the popularity of smart phones such as Apple's iPhone 5 5S Case, related accessories also began an unprecedented hot, especially protective cover and screen protection film these two parts, almost every iPhone user must have accessory. Protective cover at the beginning of the main features on the protection of users love machine , love machine to prevent broken , scratched and so on. Since iPhone4 exquisite workmanship, each user will cherish basic , so now the user just simply claimed love machine , which takes as a love machine protective sleeve dress , one year a few different styles are changing every day , or one week is normal , but the. Protective cover market dazzling variety of new products and technology after another , of varying quality, the price difference is very poor, cheap in Shenzhen Huaqiang North , just a few dollars, expensive as some luxury brands even far more than the price of the phone itself , flush with cash, you do not need me to introduce a fever , just expensive, do not buy right . How choice is a very difficult thing , particularly in silver on hand than when only choose one of the two , can not love who is who . Today's society , but also a very annoying to select multiple things , a person has a lot of beautiful women or handsome die to live Feijun does not marry marry Feijun pain , the pain of lost love as much .
The author in the protective cover industry for a few years , more contact with the product , here ventured some little professional experience of these years to write it, for everyone to share , so that we can understand as far as possible with the description of some of the less professional and vocabulary.
First, from the material began to introduce protective sleeve material there are many, the most common is a hard plastic (PC, ABS, PP), soft plastic (TPU), silicone, metal , leather , and some special materials such as carbon fiber , bamboo , wood and so on. A silicone
Since the beginning of the protective cover is made ​​of silica gel , so the first say . Soft silicone performance in terms of protection is certainly not a problem , it is shatterproof , something soft and do not throw rotten , rotten wrestling machine , silicone probably will not rot , it has the advantage of cheap, very popular in the last few years the disadvantage is less style , high-end products less and less , because most manufacturers do silica gave traders made ​​no profit , and not willing to pay big bucks to open a good mold , which is able to put the basic cell phone, keys press to move out of the headphone jack exposed these can be exposed , without affecting the function of the line , as it is not to mention the design , basically by a number of structural engineers is no aesthetic to the design. Plus silicone mold molding process , parting surface and edge of the hole it is prone to large flash, so it seems the product is very low very rough. Another drawback is that the phone is put on loose , with a long , slow section on the president came out , like we wear pants, wear long , loose rubber band would , accidentally fell off. Two , TPU plastic
The second place because TPU is also said to be soft, as are soft and silicone products, a lot of people do not know the difference between silicone and TPU , and even some of Taobao sellers are confused, said to be the soft silicone the . Explain to everyone here . TPU are plastic , the product is made ​​out of the injection molding process , is the plastic capsules after the Mega -temperature melting plastic injection mold with barrel made ​​products.
Silica are rubber, vulcanization molding using a molding process . Silicone molds of the upper and lower mold , put a piece of silicone raw materials cut and placed inside the mold , heating and pressurizing made ​​products.
General Plastic products will have a mouth into the plastic in the product after the injection well to pruning, pruning very well affect the appearance . The silicone rubber is not into the mouth , but there is a circle surrounding edges to repair , if the mold is rubbish, this ring flash will be more obvious, as Gouken 's .
From the touch feeling , general hardness TPU than silicone to hard , Yong Shounie elastic strong, flexible silicone is slightly worse. TPU can be likened to the muscle texture , the texture of fat silica metaphor .
From the outside iPhone 4 4S Case TPU can do very transparent kind of silicone can not be , the most thoroughly are very hazy feeling like a thick fog . It is because of this transparent TPU feeling , now more popular with users . And high-grade TPU product also has many optional relatively strong , the pattern change is more than silicone .
TPU drawback is easily deformed, will be yellow , iPhone 5 5S Case with three or four months later, if you happen to buy a transparent white and other light-colored products, it is easy to send yellow. Material or even a bad fog or sticky surface . German imports
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